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Passion Parties

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Passion Parties
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Who We Are
Passion Parties is the premier sensual party plan company in the United States and Canada. We are celebrating 10 years of bringing quality sensual products to multitudes of people. Our exclusive line of products are designed to encourage intimacy between partners. People have used sensual aids and toys dating back as far as recorded history. Today, sensual aids and toys are more popular than ever. Yet many people need or want to be discreet about purchasing such products. So, what greater venue for bringing sexual products to people than one of the most personal and educational environments available in 21st century marketing: the in-home party. As a direct selling party plan company, we are able to bring the value of product knowledge, education, and confidentiality simply not found in the retail environment. In addition, the business model of direct sales offers generous rewards for the consultants who bring these products to their customers.

What we Do
Passion Consultants throughout the United States and Canada share a mission, an opportunity and quality products with a dynamic, growing network of professional women. Passion Parties, Inc. offers women the opportunity to own and manage their own business, while promoting sexual awareness and offering passion products to enhance the lives of their clients. Hundreds of thousands of women have enjoyed our fun and confidential parties for women. We are proud of the many testimonies from satisfied clients. They excitably report that they have enjoyed enhanced relationships through the knowledge and products provided by Passion Parties trained consultants and leaders.

Host a Party
Hosting a Passion Party is a great way to get to know us better. In addition to the fun and excitement that you and your friends will share, you can earn free passion products. Passion Parties are designed to inform and educate women through tasteful in-home presentations. If you would like to host a party, choose the state you live in from the drop down menu to the right, complete the online form and a consultant will contact you to schedule your party.

Host a Passion Party and your friends will thank you for inviting them.
*Earn free products
*Have fun with your friends
*Sex education you didn't get from your mother
*Products for opening new lines of communication

Become a Consultant
A Passion Parties business is a flexible way to earn extra income or start a new career. We have part-time and full-time consultants, and those that work their Passion Parties business alongside another job. If you would like more information or are ready to get started with your Passion Parties business, choose your home state from the drop down menu on the right and a consultant will contact you. You could start on your Passion Parties road to success today.

If you have attended a party or already have a Passion Parties Consultant, click here.
*Part-time, Half-time, or Full Time
*Sell the products you love
*Set your own hours, be your own boss
*Earn an automobile or a home award
*Personal and professional growth
*Income that allows more family time
*Earn exciting trips and rewards
*Receive well deserved recognition